About Consultants in Pain Medicine: Stephanie Jones, MD

Pain Management located in Quarry/Alamo Heights , San Antonio, TX

Stephanie S. Jones, MD Consultants in Pain Medicine, PA

Consultants in Pain Medicine: Stephanie S. Jones, MD, in San Antonio, Texas, is a specialized practice offering effective pain management treatments to adults of all ages. Dr. Jones and her team of highly skilled medical professionals believe everyone has the right to live as pain-free as possible, and they work tirelessly to help their patients achieve this goal.

In private practice since 1997, Dr. Jones has lived her dream of delivering outstanding care to people in pain. She’s a specialist in controlling numerous types of pain, including neuropathic (nerve-related) disorders and challenging conditions.

Dr. Jones and her team understand how uncomfortable and disabling it is to live with constant pain. They’re experts in conditions that cause ongoing or recurring pain including but not limited to migraine headaches, spinal pain of all types, peripheral neuropathies and complex regional pain syndromes. 

The team  excels at diagnosing and treating the many causes of neck and back pain, such as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, lumbar radiculopathy in the lower back, and cervical radiculopathy in the neck. They use conservative treatments supplemented by cutting-edge approaches for more persistent pain, such as Electro-Equiscope® microcurrent therapy, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, Botox® for migraines, and spinal cord stimulation.

In addition, Consultants in Pain Medicine: Stephanie S. Jones, MD, currently maintains one of the largest populations of patients with intrathecal pain pumps in the United States. The practice has a nurse specializing in pain pumps to ensure patients receive the highest quality advice and support. The team also includes a technician from Tribal Lab coordinating diagnostic testing.

The Consultants in Pain Medicine: Stephanie S. Jones, MD team respects their patients and ensures that everyone receives effective, timely, compassionate care. To benefit from their expertise in pain management, call the office or book an appointment online today.